HANDY Charcoal Tall Unit Door


modern, classic, elegant… it is the charcoal grey. In this shade of grey you have control over design, colour, and character. The grey can be either valued on its own or you have the opportunity to add contrasting colours into design detail. The hand hole allows easy access transforming your kitchen with function and design in mind.



HANDY Charcoal Tall Unit Door

Hand Hole Access

Charcoal Grey Laminate finish

Additional information

Tall unit door sizes

200mm x 900mm, 300mm x 900mm, 300mm x 1220mm, 300mm x 1400mm, 350mm x 900mm, 400mm x 900mm, 400mm x 1220mm, 400mm x 1400mm, 450mm x 900mm, 500mm x 900mm, 500mm x 1220mm, 500mm x 1400mm, 600mm x 326mm, 600mm x 437mm, 600mm x 506mm, 600mm x 570mm, 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 622mm, 600mm x 733mm, 600mm x 900mm, 600mm x 945mm, 600mm x 991mm, 600mm x 1171mm, 600mm x 1220mm, 600mm x 1400mm, 1000mm x 275mm