HANDY Wasabi Drawer Front


In our ‘Handy’ kitchen replacement door range you are offered the ultimate kitchen make-over. Its hand hole opener allows easy access while giving a unique and fun design. We believe in bespoke ‘Wasabi’ green your kitchen can become creative in its unique and daring character.


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HANDY Wasabi Drawer Front

Lime Green ‘Wasabi’ Laminate Drawer Front

Hand Access

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400mm x 227mm, 500mm x 227mm, 300mm x 160mm, 400mm x 160mm, 500mm x 160mm, 600mm x 160mm, 900mm x 160mm, 1000mm x 160mm, 300mm x 360mm, 350mm x 360mm, 400mm x 360mm, 450mm x 360mm, 500mm x 360mm, 600mm x 360mm, 700mm x 360mm, 800mm x 360mm, 900mm x 360mm, 1000mm x 360mm, 300mm x 394mm, 900mm x 275mm