HANDY Wasabi Tall Unit Door


For a refreshing make-over for your old kitchen doors it has to be the wasabi green in our ‘Handy’ range. The lime green laminate is a perfect finish for brightening up any space and allowing colour into your new kitchen design. With its hand hole for easy access your kitchen doors will also be accessible for the family.



HANDY Wasabi Tall Unit Door

Hand Hole Access

Wasabi green laminate replacement kitchen door

Additional information

Tall unit door sizes

200mm x 900mm, 300mm x 900mm, 300mm x 1220mm, 300mm x 1400mm, 350mm x 900mm, 400mm x 900mm, 400mm x 1220mm, 400mm x 1400mm, 450mm x 900mm, 500mm x 900mm, 500mm x 1220mm, 500mm x 1400mm, 600mm x 326mm, 600mm x 437mm, 600mm x 506mm, 600mm x 570mm, 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 622mm, 600mm x 733mm, 600mm x 900mm, 600mm x 945mm, 600mm x 991mm, 600mm x 1171mm, 600mm x 1220mm, 600mm x 1400mm, 1000mm x 275mm