WHOLE Birch Drawer Front


Bringing a refreshing and minimalist design to kitchens our birch ‘whole’ drawer front is the perfect choice. With its easy access finger hole you are able to create the kitchen of your dreams with function and design in mind. The birch plywood is an all time favourite for an honest and elegant finish.

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WHOLE Birch Drawer Front

Birch Plywood Kitchen Replacement Drawer

Finger Hole Access

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400mm x 227mm, 500mm x 227mm, 300mm x 160mm, 400mm x 160mm, 500mm x 160mm, 600mm x 160mm, 900mm x 160mm, 1000mm x 160mm, 300mm x 360mm, 350mm x 360mm, 400mm x 360mm, 450mm x 360mm, 500mm x 360mm, 600mm x 360mm, 700mm x 360mm, 800mm x 360mm, 900mm x 360mm, 1000mm x 360mm, 300mm x 394mm, 900mm x 275mm