ZEN Birch Tall Unit Door


The ‘Zen’ range at The Life of Ply offers our customers a handleless design. In the birch finish you can transform your kitchen in a natural and timeless way by drawing attention to detail of material. The plywood has a beautiful finish on its own, offering so many opportunities for design.



ZEN Birch Tall Unit Door

Handleless door range available in birch plywood and a range of laminate finishes.

Additional information

Tall unit door sizes

200mm x 900mm, 300mm x 900mm, 300mm x 1220mm, 300mm x 1400mm, 350mm x 900mm, 400mm x 900mm, 400mm x 1220mm, 400mm x 1400mm, 450mm x 900mm, 500mm x 900mm, 500mm x 1220mm, 500mm x 1400mm, 600mm x 326mm, 600mm x 437mm, 600mm x 506mm, 600mm x 570mm, 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 622mm, 600mm x 733mm, 600mm x 900mm, 600mm x 945mm, 600mm x 991mm, 600mm x 1171mm, 600mm x 1220mm, 600mm x 1400mm, 1000mm x 275mm