the Life of Ply offers a range of furniture and kitchens in plywood

Timeless Design

Our talented team of artists, designers & engineers will help you transform your kitchen or other parts of your home with beautiful, functional design. Our furniture is creative and elegant and will help you create a home to be proud of and comfortable in

Sustainable Actions

Our appraoch to manufacturing keeps our planet and communities in mind. We are taking consistent action to improve our impact around waste, energy, our supply chain and your purchasing to create a brand which is green in approach and sustainable in all meanings of the word

profit with purpose

Profit with Purpose

When you shop with The Life of Ply you are not just investing in your home & family, but in improving the lives, mental health and life chances of others.  Our brand is part of a bigger Social Enterprise which offers a range of creative & educational opportunites

white and plywood kitchen with open plywood shelving

Beautiful Plywood & Laminate Kitchens

With our replacement kitchen and cabinet doors, handles and other homeware products you are able to find a mess-free, stress-free and waste-free alternative to kitchen and home makeover.

We believe that every kitchen has the potential of transformation without the need to start from scratch and we encourage our customers to be creative in designing the dream kitchen and home for them.

Plywood Furniture & Home Accessories

Using similar design techniques as in our kitchen ranges, we also offer a growing range of furniture and accessories to ensure that your transformative space meets the needs of your home. As designers, artists and engineers, we are always looking at growing our range and introducing new designs that offer sustainable and ethical alternatives in creating a space that reflects your personality

Handles - the finishing touches to your project

Handles are personal, they offer the chance to be creative and unique.

That’s why using a palette of our recycled palette of plywood, laminates and plastics we are constantly designing new handles – the finishing touch for your Kitchen refurbishment project from The Life of Ply, or a way to spruce up an existing piece of furniture

Shelves & Cabinets

or our customers who are braving the open shelf life we also offer a range of cabinets, shelves and accessories all made in high quality plywood, giving you an open storage alternative for your kitchen transformation.

If you are building your kitchen from scratch and would prefer plywood carcasses too, then look no further – The Life of Ply team can design and manufacture your carcasses too to be completed with our Doors and Handles ranges

plywood kitchen unit with open shelves