Our Story

At The Life of Ply  our team is a beautiful collision of engineers, designers, architects, and makers.  Together we are able to combine our skills to ensure that the furniture and kitchens we manufacture here at The Life of Ply are made with craft, quality and attention to detail. Giving you a product that will last a lifetime!

We combine digital cutting technology (using our CNC machines) with artisan and handmade techniques and finishes to produce honest, durable and stylish products for you and your kitchen.

We know that our customers place importance on quality and uniquely designed objects that have a story and we are focused on helping you improve your home (and work) environment and making it a place to be proud of.

At The Life of Ply we believe that making ethical decisions about where you spend your money is important and so we thought you would be interested to know that The Life of Ply is the enterprise bit of a well-established Social Enterprise, We Make Places CIC.  This project and  business has come about through a combination of responding to customer enquiries about kitchens through our bespoke CNC service and a desire to offer a meaningful paid progression route to participants in our Urban Workbench learning programme.   Many of those involved in our learning programme have not had the educational opportunities that many have or have had to stop work through ill health.  All of them find making a restorative process and from each group of learners there are some who want to pursue further training and consider woodwork and joinery as a career.  The Life of Ply gives them the opportunity to explore this further in a safe and welcoming environment.

You can find more information about this in the links above or if you have any specific questions please contact us 

Welcome to The Life of Ply!