Maple faced plywood kitchen doors

“High quality products with social enterprise ethics attracted us to The Life of Ply and we were very impressed with the whole process. From consultation to finished product they made it an exciting and stress-free project.”

Plywood Kitchen Doors

Dreaming of a new kitchen, but can’t face the upheaval or cost of ripping it out and starting again?

Our plywood and laminate replacement kitchen doors offer a real alternative to the stress and mess of a completely new kitchen

With our wide range of plywood kitchen door designs there is something for every budget and a style for all. Choose from classic Birch Ply, one of our beautiful laminate finishes for this season or pick your own laminate colour to match your interior design plans. From simple and minimal design to creative and unique there is a door for every kitchen.

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with ethical, minimal and easy fitting plywood replacement doors – express the wood or choose a laminate surface colour. Our range of unique styles, standard and custom sizes make the transformation of your kitchen easier than ever before.

Our kitchen replacement doors are designed with you in mind. With each door and drawer front fitting into your existing kitchen units, you can redesign and update your kitchen in less time and make it your own, you are the creator.

There’s two ways to choose – either choose the existing kitchen or base units that you already have at home of replan your kitchen (with the help of someone like Howdens or Ikea), buy new units and fit our replacement doors, drawers and panels to make something truly unique to you.

Wander through our designs and see which one feels like home to you. Or mix and match – choose one finish for the base units and another for the wall units. Go on… design your new kitchen today.

 Life Of Ply Kitchen Door Ranges

birch plywood kitchen with pegboards and without handles


From minimalistic to customised. The ‘Zen’ range offers a blank door style perfect for push to open fittings for a clean, minimal look, or for making the kitchen your own by adding feature handles – check out our range.

Plywood Kitchen with blue laminate doors and Handy recessed handles by The Life of Ply


We want your kitchen to be as easy to use as it is to customise. The ‘Handy’ range allows efficient and easy access to each door with its central hand hole.

Whole plywood kitchen doors


The ‘Whole’ range is just as unique as its name. The finger hole opening creates a modern and fun kitchen design with no distractions.

white and plywood kitchen with open plywood shelving


The ‘Get a grip’ range is special – unique to The Life of Ply. The birch handle contrasts with the laminate finished doors to mix traditional and contemporary finishes in a unique way.