Laminate finished replacement kitchen doors with a bespoke design by The Life of Ply team for your kitchen refurbishment project, our unique ‘Get a Grip’ range contrasts plywood with laminate and celebrates the distinctive end-grain of the timber.

These replacement doors are a contemporary take on traditional kitchen design, bringing contemporary and traditional material and styles together. The laminate finished doors incorporate a birch plywood handle that spans the width of each door or drawer front, adding warmth and a tactile feature to the otherwise contemporary and clean finish of laminate. Not only do these handles offer a contrasting texture, but they are also easy and efficient for all the family to use.  You won’t find another kitchen like this.

This range is available in our standard 3 laminate colours. It comes in a range of sizes allowing easy fit to existing kitchens, including Ikea and Howdens kitchen cabinets. Due to the nature of design the ‘get a grip’ range is limited to laminate door finishes only.

If you don’t see the size or colour you want below, please head to the custom sizes & colours section and complete the form and we’ll be in touch soon to provide you with your own unique quotation.