SEMI CIRCLE Cabinet Handle


These ethically made and unique door handles are the perfect option for a complete transformation to your kitchen and home. The semi-circle plywood handles at The Life of Ply are made with function and design in mind, allowing simple access to doors and a design like no other.

For kitchen doors next to each other you can finish the look with a full circle design!

All of our door handles are made to easily fit onto new and existing cabinets.

Semi Circle Plywood Handle - Perfect addition to new or existing kitchen doors. Constructed from 24mm birch plywood, with clear satin oiled finish. Supplied with 2no. Drawer bolts. (bolts attach from back of drawer front into threaded inserts within handle). Can be oriented either vertically or horizontally


Length: 80mm

Width: 40mm

Thickness: 24mm

Protrusion (from door surface): 24mm